The best products arise from attention to detail

Our second love is farmers, the first one is animals

Making customer’s needs our own in order to provide them with the best products on the market is the goal we set ourselves when we think about new products. Attention to animals starts from the design phase and comes to the creation and the placing on the market of products, all this following the same goal: to create equipment suitable for animals and effective. Solutions that control consumption, use of energy and reduce waste.

Patented products

A guarantee for professionals, both customers and suppliers

Our philosophy has always pushed us to seek the best for our products, to create solutions that have not existed before. All products dedicated to incubation are patented, but also the anti-waste solutions adopted on our feeders.

Trade fairs and local events

During the year there are many national and international events that involve our team.

Our video

All videos about our products from our YouTube channel

Our video section collects footage related to:
– the presentation, assembly and operation of our products,
– the use of equipment in poultry houses,
– the participation in poultry shows.

Our news

07 Sep: Hatching eggs in an eco-friendly way with EGGTECH®️ ET SOLARIS

River Systems’ eco-friendly incubator provides a sustainable way to incubate eggs by combining different energy sources. Find out more!

30 Aug: ET TOP Hatching Egg Incubator: the benefits of using a digital egg incubator with wi-fi connection

The egg incubator with wi-fi connection can be fully managed remotely via the River CovApp. Discover all the uses!

15 Jul: 10 Ways to Keep a chickens cool during summer

In summer, chickens suffer from the heat as much as humans do. Find out some tips for helping hens to cope better with the heat.