ET TOP Hatching Egg Incubator: the benefits of using a digital egg incubator with wi-fi connection

The egg incubator is a tool designed to hatch eggs when hens are unable to hatch naturally for several reasons. It is frequently that hens are failing to hatch eggs or that the incubator is needed to incubate a large number of eggs at the same time. The incubation process requires a lot of care, attention and above all time.

But what if you are out of home, at work or simply on holiday? River Systems has thought of these eventualities, creating the first egg incubator that can be fully managed remotely with a wi-fi connection. Let’s find out how it works!

How an hatching egg incubator with wi-fi works

The main difference between automatic incubators and incubators with wi-fi connection is in the technology. Although the basic operating characteristics are the same, the incubator with wi-fi connection has a much more powerful processor that allows you to:

  • visualise the percentage of humidity inside the machine and even control it;
  • control the degree of inclination, speed and frequency of daily oscillation of the eggs;
  • visualise and choose preset programmes that allow you to run the incubator optimally.

Both are designed for incubating eggs from hens, pheasant, guinea fowl, quail, etc., but when using an automatic or semi-automatic incubator, the temperature and humidity must be chosen manually from the display. While with a wifi-connected incubator it is possible to set the humidity level, temperature and egg inclination via the River CovApp by remote control. 

In addition, the wi-fi incubator is equipped with the Ovolvo egg turning motor, which allows you to control the speed and degrees of inclination and the daily amount of oscillation cycles. If faults occur, the wi-fi incubator is equipped with visual and audible alarms, which are immediately notified via the app.

The benefits of using a wi-fi-connected incubator

A wi-fi-connected incubator has other advantages besides being able to control incubation operations remotely:

  • setting the temperature from 25° C to 40° C;
  • detecting and displaying the humidity inside the machine;
  • detecting unsuitable temperature through an ambient temperature sensor;
  • setting the speed of the turbine to 5 different values for better hatching results.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to choose different modes of use. It can be used:

  • in manual mode, which allows you to set all parameters to your liking directly from the incubator’s touchpad. We recommend using manual mode for expert users only;
  • in fully automatic mode, using one of the 8 pre-set programmes developed by our experts for different types of eggs;
  •  using one of the customisable programmes that can be activated via the free River CovApp smartphone application, the user can set the parameters of his choice. 

Why choose an incubator with wi-fi connection

If you have a big hatchery or want to be able to remotely control the hatching of your eggs, the ET TOP egg incubator is just right for you. With this model, River Systems takes another step forward in the field of artificial incubation. 

Available in three different models, with the Et TOP egg incubator you can hatch up to 49 medium-sized eggs or 196 small eggs. The ability to plan and track everything via the River CovApp offers many advantages. If you are away on business or simply travelling, you can control the incubation of your eggs even remotely.

Finally, another great news is that with the incubator with wifi connection, you can pause incubation to facilitate candling, hatching or other activities on the eggs.

Are you ready to rock your egg incubation? You can choose the ET TOP 12 digital egg incubator, ideal for 12 medium/large eggs; the ET TOP 24 egg incubator, perfect for containing 24 medium/large eggs; and finally, the ET TOP 49 egg incubator, suitable for incubating 49 medium/large eggs.

If you are conscious about environmental sustainability and you want to experiment with an energy-saving solution, check out our eco-friendly egg incubator