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We are proud of our journey and the recognitions we have achieved. We will continue to work hard to maintain and exceed these standards, ensuring your trust in River Systems as a reliable provider in the livestock industry.

Our primary goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our certifications are the tangible result of our ongoing commitment to providing only high-quality livestock products. They represent our commitment to surpass industry standards and ensure that our customers receive reliable products and services that meet their expectations.

Premi River System
Certificazione DVN

ISO 9001:2015

In 2018, we proudly obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification, which attests to the quality of our company’s management system for the design, production, marketing, and sale of drinkers, feeders, incubators, and pluckers for rural, family, and hobbyist poultry farms. This recognition proves the company’s ongoing commitment to improvement, as we work daily to ensure quality and reliable products and services.

Certificazione Made in Italiy


Since 2018, we have been certified as 100% Made in Italy, allowing us to be recognized worldwide for the superior quality guaranteed by our products, once again confirming the corporate culture that underlies our entire team. From the materials we use in the production process to the adhesive tape we use to seal the product boxes: it’s all guaranteed to be Made in Italy!

Certificazione Biomaster

Biomaster™ Certification
ISO 22196:2011

Our incubators are equipped with Biomaster™ protection and comply with the ISO 22196:2011 standard.
The Biomaster™ antibacterial additive, inhibiting the growth of bacteria by 99.99%, prevents the spread of bacterial infections in embryos, considered one of the first causes of death in the hatching phase. The Biomaster™ additive is incorporated into the plastic body of the incubators, ensuring maximum antibacterial protection.
Biomaster is the top antimicrobial additive based on silver ions and is the recognized leader and most reliable supplier of antimicrobial technology for polymers, textiles, paper, paints, and coatings.


NEBULA®: certificate of Industrial Patent for Invention

The Ministry of Economic Development has awarded NEBULA® the certificate of Industrial Invention Patent. A milestone that fills us with pride, proving once again the continuous effort of our company to improve, dedicated daily to providing reliable and high-quality products and services.

Altura regulable


CALEO® on-line soon

ARCUS 9L hopper feeder with anti-waste fins, metal central rod and legs - anti-waste fins


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