River CovApp

Your eggs at your fingertips

The innovative free River Systems APP designed for all incubators.

Take your incubation experience to the next level with River CovApp, the exclusive APP that gives you complete control over your incubation processes. Available for Android and iOS free of charge for all incubation enthusiasts, this APP accompanies you at every stage, providing you with valuable daily alerts to guarantee the success of your incubation project.

Download River CovApp now and discover a smart, intuitive and technological way to manage your incubators. Make incubation a stress-free experience and achieve exceptional results with our industry-leading APP.

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River CovApp

Take control of your incubator

River CovApp

Your eggs at your fingertips

Easy to install. Easy to use.

Completely customizable in the settings of the machines used, River CovApp is compatible not only with the incubators of the River Systems® series, but also with all the others on the market.

You can select the type of incubator, its capacity, the matching accessories, the species to incubate and the temperature and humidity levels to set on the machine, but not only…

It is your personal assistant, reminding you, day after day, what activities you need to do to achieve a successful incubation.

Completely adaptable to your needs, you can select the times at which you prefer to receive notifications, so that you can better organize yourself.

Simple. Intuitive.

River CovApp is a real treasure chest of useful information: you can consult the tutorial, our detailed manual and the answers to frequently asked questions at any time; you can also:

Create a precious archive with all your incubations and hatches

Save all the parameters you used to set up your machines

Fast execution. Excellent support.

River CovApp is essential to always get the most out of your incubators. We always read the opinions and suggestions of those who use it, guaranteeing stability and new functions through updates.

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