Cylindra is a sturdy, effective and easy to clean plucking machine. It has been designed to be used for various types of poultry (chickens, turkeys, guinea fowls, geese, ducks, etc.), with the exception of small birds such as quails and the like. More animals (depending on their weight) up to a total of about 6kg can be plucked at the same time.

6 reasons for lovin’it:

  • water connection with tap to eliminate the feathers;
  • rubber plucking fingers that allow fast plucking without damaging the animal’s skin;
  • the transparent lid allows to control the plucking;
  • drain opening guard because safety comes first;
  • completely and easily removable plucking drum to eliminate any plucking residue;
  • start button with easy switching off.

Cylindra Basica is also available: this version has no lid and no water washing system. Both models were built with attention to safety, reliability and user-friendliness and they’re CE certified by an accredited laboratory.