Poultry plucking machine: how does it work and use it properly

The chicken plucking machine: how does it work

The plucking machine has become an essential accessory for the preparation of meat for chickens and other animals. Indeed, as its name suggests, it was created to help remove excess feathers, so that the animal no longer has any. 

But how exactly does a plucking machine work? How do you use it? Are there any rules and cautions to consider? Although all types of pluckers are sold with their own instruction manuals, in this article we will try to sum up the most important information on the preparation and correct use of the product. 

An automatic poultry plucking machine: the preparation phase

The chicken, already bled, is immersed in hot water, which should be around 70 degrees, for just one second. You have to be careful not to boil the chicken and to avoid leaving it immersed in the water for a few seconds longer, otherwise there is a risk that the skin will deteriorate. 

Repeated 3 or 4 times, this process ensures that the feathers come off very easily. For some animals, such as ducks and geese, the immersion is made in a container with warm water, sea salt and vinegar. In addition, to help the water penetrate the feathers, it is a good idea to use a broom to rub against the animal’s body. 

How to place the chicken in the feathering machine

After the set-up phase, the chicken should be placed in the machine with its back on the bottom. If possible, the legs can be removed to pluck faster and easier.Once this procedure is complete, simply close the cover tightly and let the machine do the rest of the work. 

How to remove feathers from birds with a plucker machine

Generally, the way chicken pluckers work differs from one another, and in most cases it is only partial. However, the most modern ones have a wet rotary mechanism, which allows chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese to be plucked. 

Once the device is triggered, the central body of the device starts to rotate, and the animal goes into rotation mode. The animal’s body will repeatedly come into contact with the robot’s fingers, allowing the robot to pluck the animal completely. 

When plucking is complete, it might happen that small pieces of plucking remain on the animal. What to do in this case? As the plucking machine may not be able to remove all the feathers, the remaining feathers must be removed manually.  It is important to remember that several animals can be placed inside a rotating wet feather, but they should not exceed the weight specified by the manufacturer. 

Another advice is not to use the machine for more than 10 seconds, as more time could damage the bird’s skin. Finally, it should be noted that there are many accessoires for plucking machines, including feathering rollers and roller fingers. 

Wet plucking machine’s features

A wet rotary feathering machine is very robust, efficient and easy to clean. It can be used for different types of poultry (guinea fowl, chickens, geese, ducks, etc.), excluding quail and similar animals. The rotary wet plucker allows several animals to be plucked at the same time, up to a total of about 6 kg. After the procedure described above, a water washing system is activated, which allows easy removal of the feathers inside the machine.

poultry plucking machine

Tips for using a plucking machine

It is useful to sum up at this point the safety precautions to be taken before plucking the animal:

  • the animal must always be plucked in accordance with the regulations in use;
  • avoiding excessive tearing of the animal’s skin;
  • ensuring the animal is completely bled;
  • wearing protective gloves to avoid burns when immersing the animal. 

For geese and ducks, the water temperature is the same as for chickens, but they must be immersed for at least three minutes.n order to make this easier, the advice is to lift the feathers with a small rake. For both kinds of animals, make sure the feathers are easily removed and then put them into the feathering machine.


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