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River Systems® egg incubators, the result of years of research and development, have been increasingly perfected and are currently the best on the market thanks to the careful selection of components that guarantee precision and long-lasting performance.

River Systems® automatic incubators are the ideal equipment for vertically incubating chicken, pheasant, guinea fowl, quail, partridge, partridge, turkey, palmipede (goose, common duck, wild duck, Muscovy duck, mallard duck, etc.) eggs. peacock, rock partridge, pigeon, colander, exotic birds and birds of prey.

The integrated Ovolvo egg turning motor allows the eggs to swing automatically without any effort on the part of the operator. River incubators allow you to host groups from 12, 24, 49 medium and large eggs. The chicken eggs are thus kept at a constant temperature between 30 and 40 degrees; the control system allows it to be varied in relation to external conditions, ensuring the best care for embryonic development.

Incubatrici River Systems

Digital Incubators

Guarantees of excellence for professionals and retailers.

River Systems chicken egg incubators feature a ventilated thermal insulation insulating ventilation system which, using a silent turbine, produces a layer of hot air by sucking it from the lower part and pouring it onto the sides of the appliance.

The NEBULA® ultrasonic humidifier allows you to maintain the temperature and humidity at the desired level without being influenced by the surrounding environmental conditions.

Automatic digital incubators are practical and easy to use for those who have to manage a small farm. Thanks to the external vents it is possible to fill the water trays without risking losing heat and humidity.
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Continuous Innovation

In order to remain competitive in the market We listen to the needs of our customers and adapt to the changes in the industry.

High Quality

In the materials chosen to manufacture our products. But also in pre and post-sales service and in the choice of partners.


We customize our products to meet our customers’ branding needs, while adhering to all requirements.


Ideal Growth

Our incubators are carefully designed to ensure constant temperature and humidity, thus creating the ideal environment for the growth and development of embryos. We are proud to offer:

  • Cutting-edge Technology: Our incubators are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure superior performance and precise control of the incubation environment.
  • Environmental Sustainability: We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our products by using sustainable materials and promoting energy efficiency.
  • Animal Welfare: We recognize the importance of animal welfare in hatchery practices. Our incubators are designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for developing embryos.
  • Customer Service: we are here for you. We offer excellent customer service and technical support to ensure you get the most out of your investment.
Incubatrice River Systems
Incubatrice River Systems

ET SOLARIS® incubator

The ecological energy saving solution of EGGTECH® by River Systems
The incubator and the SOLARIS control unit are an integrated, highly technological system, designed by the engineers of the River Systems Research and Development Department. In fact, their aim is to make the EGGTECH® ET Solaris incubator self-sufficient from an energy point of view.
The SOLARIS control unit allows the EGGTECH® incubator to function connected to different energy sources:

  • Batteries
  • Solar Panel
  • Eletricity grid

For the operation of ET Solaris a 24V direct current is required, which allows it to be powered by two 12V car batteries connected in series.

Depending on the capacity of the batteries chosen, it is possible to obtain more or less autonomy in the event of a power failure. We recommend using two 12V car batteries of at least 44 Ah.

If, however, we decide to couple the batteries to the solar panels, the autonomy is total over 24 hours. In fact, depending on the level of irradiation in the installation area, it is possible to supply electricity to the incubator during the day and at the same time recharge the batteries which will then provide the necessary energy during the night.

Furthermore, the batteries allow you to power the incubator even during any blackouts!
On the other hand, SOLARIS allows the incubator to also work with the electricity mains. SOLARIS can be supplied with voltages between 90 V AC and 264 V AC, is equipped with overload protection and allows you to recharge the batteries which will provide the necessary energy during the night or in the event of a fault in the electricity grid.

Why choose the SOLARIS integrated incubator and control system?
This highly advanced control unit developed by the River Systems Research and Development department integrates and manages three sources of electrical energy simultaneously, giving priority to the absorption of solar energy in order to minimize the grid’s electricity consumption. In fact, during the night the management switches to the batteries and if necessary, as a last resort, the electricity grid is used.
SOLARIS is therefore the ideal choice for all those who want to hatch their eggs and give birth to their animals with the utmost respect for nature and ecology or for those who live in areas where the electricity supply is not constant over the of the day but want to ensure that their incubator completes the entire incubation and hatching process.


Our approach to consumption and waste starts from the premise that we want to follow a virtuous path. Our contribution is to the planet and the economy: we aim to consume fewer raw materials, have increasingly efficient production processes, to reduce waste and costs. Always with the goal of minimizing negative effects on human health and the environment.