The digital incubators with antibacterial additive Biomaster™ enrich the range of ET series machines, designed to hatch various types of eggs, from quail eggs to goose ones.

All three models, the one for 12, for 24 and for 49 eggs, are treated with BiomasterTM, a permanent antibacterial additive with silver ions. It is a safe and effective system for controlling the proliferation of harmful bacteria in embryos, which is one of the main death causes during hatching. The Biomaster™ works, in fact, against viruses, more than 50 different types of bacteria and against molds.

These are professional incubators, designed to be simple and user-friendly while offering, at the same time, innovative technical solutions and high reliability. They are therefore suitable for both beginners and those with a small and medium-sized breeding.

The Biomaster™ additive is incorporated into the mold from which the plastic body of the incubators is cast and therefore provides maximum antibacterial protection during the product lifetime. This treatment does not affect mechanical performance.

What is the function of silver ions?

  • They prevent bacteria from growing on contact with the surface of the material treated with the Biomaster™.
  • Silver ions interfere with enzyme production stopping the cell producing energy.
  • They prevent the bacteria cell DNA replication, thus causing their death.
Digital egg incubator ET24 with Biomaster™

All products that use Biomaster™ technology have the “protected by Biomaster™” symbol, to guarantee the real use of the additive in the product. Ask always for proof of the Biomaster™ use before buying a product at a higher price.