Our treadle feeders are all new! From today two models are available: ALMA and ALMA BASICA.

The ALMA feeder can be purchased with the perforated treadle (the hole diameter is smaller than the previous versions) or with the ashlar one. The ALMA BASICA feeder is a simpler and cheaper model, available only with the smooth pedal.

Treadle feeder advantages:

  1. Mice, rats and birds will never gain access and thus cannot contaminate the food. Therefore they protect the poultry from dangerous diseases.
  2. Diamond-shaped lid avoids stagnant water.
  3. Stable and easy to clean.
  4. 3 treadles to easily remove dirt and to provide the bird with a steady and comfortable support.
  5. Hook to adjust the weight necessary to open the tilt door: from 0,25 to 2kg (mouse proof system)
  6. Anti-waste grid made of nylon to prevent the birds from scooping out the feed

Use a rock to keep the treadle open and to teach the animals where the food is.