Our values

Per il lavoro per l'hobby


For your work, for your hobby

We want to be at the side of the enthusiast and hobbyist who approach the poultry and rabbits world almost for fun, but also of the professional breeder who is looking for quality products that last over time.


Innovation - Chicken farm equipment River Systems

Ongoing innovation

To be competitive in the market, listening to customer needs and adapting to the evolution of the sector.

Qualità 60X60 River System

Highest quality

In the materials chosen to make our products, in the pre and after-sales service, in the choice of our co-workers..

Personalisierung - River Systems personalizzazione


We adapt our products to the branding needs of our customers, respecting all brand image requirements.


For a brighter future

Our attitude towards consumption and waste starts from the assumption that we want to go down a virtuous path. Our contribution is towards the planet and the economy: we want to consume fewer raw materials, have increasingly efficient production processes so that we can have less waste and fewer costs. Always with the goal of minimizing negative effects on human health and on the environment.

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