15L siphon drinker with handle cap

Category: Drinkers, Siphon drinkers
SKU: 140/B


Made in Italy

Excellent drinker with top filling to supply water to various types of poultry.
It has a special screw cap with an ergonomic handle that guarantees an easy and comfortable grip. The 15 litres siphon has a red bottom bung that allows the water to flow out once the siphon is fixed to the plate. It has sockets for the 4 legs (item 1801, optional) to lift the drinker from the ground by 65mm, thus ensuring cleaner water and facilitating the animals.

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Product suitable for: Guinea-hens, Hens, Peacocks, Turkeys, Chickens, Geese, Ducks, Pheasants
Weight: 1 kg
Colorred, green, yellow, blue
Animals/drinker15 chickens
Barcode: 8052015471322Pieces per box: 4Pieces per pallet: Pallet 120x80x241cm: 96 pz.

Pallet 124x100x241cm: 144 pz.

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