22L hopper feeder with lid

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Made in Italy

Galvanized hopper feeder, excellent for feeding older poultry.
It is supported by a vertical rod and two metal crosspieces. The rod is equipped with three holes that allow as many regulation levels of the feed in the plate. The adjustment takes place thanks to a split pin that fixes the cylinder at the desired height. A hole in the upper part of the rod allows to hang the feeder.
It is complete with a lid that protects the food from dirt.

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Product suitable for: Peacocks, Turkeys, Chickens, Geese, Ducks, Pheasants, Guinea-hens, Hens
Weight: 2,129 kg
Feed in pellet18kg
Animals/feeder10 chickens
Barcode: 8052015470165Pieces per box: 5Pieces per pallet: Pallet 130x83x214cm: 100 pz.

Pallet 123x102x219cm: 125 pz.

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