5L siphon drinker

Category: Drinkers, Siphon drinkers
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Made in Italy

Plastic siphon drinker ideal for watering small/medium-sized poultry. It is also suitable for chicks from the first days of life.
Easy to clean and refill, it is composed of 2 elements: the dome and the plate.

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Product suitable for: Hens, Bobwithes, Partridge, Quails, Turkeys, Chickens, Geese, Ducks, Pheasants, Guinea-hens
Weight: 0,36 kg
Colorred, orange
Animals/drinker6-8 chickens
Barcode: 8068057258173Pieces per box: 25Pieces per pallet: On pallet 120x80x235 cm: 450 pcs.On pallet 120x100x235 cm: 650 pcs.

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