Hopper feeder ARCUS MAGNA 20L with metal central rod

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Made in Italy

The large anti-waste feeder

Hopper Feeder ARCUS MAGNA is the perfect tool to feed your animals simply and without waste. Versatile and reliable, as required by people using hopper feeders.

The anti-waste fins (whose design is registered) have been expressly designed to allow the animals to eat in a correct way, while preventing them from using their beak to spill the feed from the tray. Feed saving will be the immediate result, as well as a cleaner litter. Unwanted animals will not find feed on the ground anymore.

The metal rod allows several regulation levels of the feed quantity in the tray. The regulation is made by a split pin that fixes the plastic cylinder at five different heights.

What changes from the existing models?
The hopper feeder ARCUS MAGNA has been developed to feed large-headed and adult animals, specifically layers. For this reason, the tray has a larger diameter than the ARCUS and ARCUS GYRO models.


The advantages of the hopper feeder ARCUS MAGNA:

  • Tray, cylinder and lid in long-lasting, high quality plastic
  • Possibility to adjust the feed quantity in the tray
  • Designed expressly to optimise the volumes when cylinders and trays are piled (storage and shipment)
  • The hole at the top of the rod allows to hang the feeder
  • Double conical metal reinforcement to fix the rod to the tray
  • Specially designed for adult animals such as layers

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Product suitable for: Geese, Ducks, Pheasants, Guinea-hens, Hens, Peacocks, Turkeys, Chickens
Weight: 1,89 kg
Dimensions: 52,7 × 44,2 cm
Animals/feeder10 chickens
Barcode: 8052015473555Pieces per box: 5Pieces per pallet: Pallet 120x80x240cm: 50 pz.

Pallet 120x100x240cm: 80 pz.

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