Automatic bell drinker with small water trough for chickens

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Made in Italy

Automatic bell drinker ideal for 60/80 chickens, layers or light turkeys. This product works suspended from the ground and is equipped with an automatic valve that regulates the water level. It is supplied complete with a suspension cord, adjusting eyelets and hose guide, hose barb for 12×17 mm and 6×9 mm hoses and assembly instructions.

The drinkers are made of high-quality plastic and are easy to clean. This is why they are also commonly used in the professional poultry sector.

The drinker is designed to be used with a water pressure of 0.2-0.5bar (recommended 0.3 bar). As the pressure increases, the minimum amount of water in the trough decreases.


  • New internal valve (Art. 1050): an essential component of our 1070, 1080 and 1090 valves, 100% assembled and tested in our factory.
  • Adjustment eyelet and hose guide: new ergonomically designed eyelet adjustment system that makes height adjustment quick and easy.
  • Water level: possibility to adjust the water level in the trough. Recommended pre-loading distance spring 24 mm. Increase the distance between the rings to decrease the maximum water level in the drinker.

River Systems has a range of products made 100% in Italy that meet the demands and needs of any consumer.


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Product suitable for: Turkeys, Chickens, Hens
Height60 cm
Diameter39,9 cm
Barcode: 8052015475320Pieces per box: 10

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