COMPACTA 12L hopper feeder without central rod, 3 adjustment positions, anti-waste grid and legs

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Made in Italy

The one-piece feeder

12L Hopper feeder COMPACTA is the anti-waste feeder made of only 3 elements: tray, body and lid. Our product is easy to assemble and does not require any tools.

The main purpose of the 12L hopper feeder COMPACTA is to feed the animals without wasting feed. The anti-waste grill has been expressly designed to allow the animals to eat in a correct way, while preventing them from using their beak to spill the feed from the tray. This will allow feed saving as well as a cleaner litter, as unwanted animals will not find anything to eat.

The three holes at the bottom of the body allow as many regulation levels of the feed in the tray. The regulation is made by inserting the pin into one of the holes of the body.
The ring at the top of the body allows the feeder to be hung up.
In addition, the lid protects the feed from dirt.

In addition, there is a kit of 4 legs that can be inserted into the appropriate slots at the base of the pan to raise the feeder 65 mm off the ground, thus ensuring cleaner feed and making it easier for adult animals. If you wish to use it with baby chicks, the feeder should be placed directly on the ground.

The advantages of 12L hopper feeder COMPACTA:

  • Tray, body and lid in long-lasting, high quality plastic
  • The anti-waste grill and the hanging loop are integrated parts of the feeder body
  • The pins of the tray and the holes at the bottom of the body it allow the adjustment of feed quantity in the tray
  • Designed expressly to facilitate an easy stacking, optimizing the spaces
  • Thay can be lifted from the ground thanks to the special 65mm high legs.


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Product suitable for: Peacocks, Turkeys, Chickens, Geese, Ducks, Pheasants, Guinea-hens, Hens
Weight: 1,019 kg
Colorred, green, yellow, blue
Total height434mm
Feed in pellet8,5kg
Animals/feeder5-6 chickens
Barcode: 8052015472800Pieces per box: 10Pieces per pallet: Pallet 120x85x247cm: 100 pz. Pallet 120x100x225cm: 100 pz. Pallet 125x109x247cm: 150 pz. Q.tà container 20‘ - sfusi: 2100 pz. Q.tà container 40‘ - sfusi: 4400 pz. Q.tà container 40‘ HC - sfusi: 5000 pz.

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