Digital incubator ET 12 with OVOMATIC egg turning unit and antibacterial additive Biomaster™

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Made in Italy

The digital incubator “ET 12” with OVOMATIC egg turning unit and Biomaster™ antibacterial additive is a professional incubator designed to incubate chicken, pheasant, guinea fowl, quail, partridge, partridge, turkey, palmiped, peacock, rock partridge, pigeon, strainer eggs , exotic birds and birds of prey. The capacity is 12 medium / large eggs or 48 small eggs (eg quail).

It is a simple and immediate incubator to use. At the same time it offers innovative and extremely reliable technical solutions.


The incubator is equipped with an egg turning motor that oscillates the alveolus making the incubator automatic.


The ET 12 incubator with Biomaster™ is therefore suitable for both beginners and for those who own a small and medium-sized farm.



The Biomaster™ antibacterial additive prevents the spread of bacterial infections in embryos, which is considered one of the leading causes of death in the hatching phase. Furthermore, the Biomaster™ additive is incorporated into the plastic body of the incubators and therefore guarantees maximum antibacterial protection for the entire life of the incubator. Furthermore, this type of treatment does not affect the mechanical performance of the machine.



  • Inspection window: the lid is equipped with two inspection windows that allow the user to follow all the stages of the incubation from the outside;
  • Tilting tray: the eggs to be incubated are placed in a tray with a tilting cell system. The oscillation of the tray is regulated by the OVOMATIC egg turning motor;
  • Alveolus system: the particular shape of each single egg holder allows you to house both small eggs (up to 4 quail-type eggs) and large eggs (up to goose eggs);
  • Hatching grid: the grid is an accessory included in the incubator that allows the eggs to hatch in the last phase of the incubation;
  • Vents: the external vents are used to fill the water trays without opening the incubator, thus avoiding the dispersion of heat and humidity;
  • Digital display: allows you to adjust the temperature from 30 ° C to 40 ° C (with a temperature probe with variations of 0.1 ° C) simply by pressing the + and – keys.

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Product suitable for: Pheasants, Guinea-hens, Pigeons, Hens, Exotic Birds, Doves, Peacocks, Grey partridge, Partridge, Bobwithes, Quails, Rock partridge, Turkeys, Turtle dove, Chickens, Geese, Ducks
Weight: 3,08 kg
Dimensions: 36 × 32 × 26 cm
Capacity12 medium/large-sized eggs or 48 small-sized eggs (e.g. quails)
Incubator voltagesingle-phase, 230V
Incubator rated frequency50/60Hz
Incubator average daily consumptionmax. 1.0kW/24h
Incubator maximum power80W
Egg turning unit voltagesingle-phase, 230V
Egg turning unit rated frequency50/60Hz
Egg turning unit average daily consumptionmax. 3kW
Tilting1 every 2 hours
Barcode: 8052015473265Pieces per box: 1Pieces per pallet: Pallet 120x80x221cm: 56 pz.

Pallet 120x80x235cm: 60 pz.

Pallet 120x100x221cm: 71 pz.

Pallet 120x100x235cm: 78 pz.

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