Disc bottle holder drinker for chicks

Art. nr. 137/A.

The disc bottle holder drinker for chicks is easy to use and fits all the different types of bottles on the market. It can be used in small flocks of up to 50 chicks within the first 6 days.

The chick drinker is made of a plastic material that has been carefully selected for a quality, functional and flexible product. When selecting the materials, River Systems complies with all applicable animal health and environmental regulations.

The drinking bowl consists of two separate parts, which are interlocking. In the upper disc there is a central hole for attaching the bottle. The chick drinker comes with 3 adapters, each with different diameters and threads, suitable for various types of plastic bottles.

The size of the 10 holes through which the chicks drink is such that they can drink without getting wet or falling into the trough. In addition, the edges are rounded and finished to prevent the animals from injuring themselves. The bottle can be filled by pulling it out of the trough together with the insert or by unscrewing it.

This product has been designed to speed up the farmer’s usual supply operations, thus saving time and resources, and at the same time to allow the animals to quench their thirst easily in a healthy and healthy environment.

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Weight 0.185 kg

red, orange


10 chicks

Barcode: 8068057259200

Box: 15 pz

On pallet 120x80x245cm: 630 pcs.On pallet 120x100x236cm: 810 pcs.

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Grey partridge



Rock partridge