Disc bottle holder drinker for chicks

Art. nr. 137/A.

Functional bottle holder drinker, user-friendly and suitable for various types of bottles available in the market.

The drinker is made of two separate parts that interlock. The central hole of the upper disk is where the bottle is held. Here the chosen adapter is pushed in once screwed to the bottle. The drinker is supplied with 3 adapters, each one having different diameter and thread, suitable for various types of plastic bottles.
The size of the 10 drinking holes is such as to allow the chicks to drink without getting wet or falling into the drinker. Their edge is rounded and trimmed to prevent animals from being hurt.

The bottle can be refilled by pulling it from the drinker together with the adapter or by unscrewing it.

Weight 0.185 kg

red, orange


10 chicks

Barcode: 8068057259200

Box: 15 pz

On pallet 120x80x245cm: 630 pcs.On pallet 120x100x236cm: 810 pcs.

Product suitable for






Grey partridges

Bobwhite quails

Bobwhite quails

Rock partridges