Drinker with 0.5L tank and nipple for rabbits

Category: Drinkers, Nipple drinkers
SKU: 145/F


Made in Italy

Drinker with stainless steel nipple and a 0.5L plastic tank, ideal for rabbits and similar rodents.
The stainless steel nipple has an anti-drip system to avoid water leaks and flooding. Easy filling thanks to the opening of the lid. It is equipped with a sheet metal bracket that allows to fix the drinker to the mesh or to the cage.

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Product suitable for: Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rodents
Weight: 0,098 kg
Dimensions: 9 × 9 × 10,2 cm
Barcode: 8068057259392Pieces per box: 24Pieces per pallet: On pallet 120x80x248cm: 1824 pcs.

On pallet 120x100x248cm: 2400 pcs.

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