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Made in Italy

The eco-friendly, energy-saving solution from EGGTECH® by River Systems

EGGTECH®️ ET SOLARIS is an integrated, high-tech system designed by the engineers of the River Systems Research and Development Department. It consists of a control unit that allows the specific incubator, art. 549A24S, to operate connected to various energy sources: not only batteries and mains, but also and above all solar panels.

The control unit SOLARIS is designed and assembled, entirely in Italy, to ensure the best working of the new River Systems ET EGG TECH® 24VDC series incubators. These new models of incubators are designed to work even in case the mains voltage is not available.

The incubators are not self-contained and require a 24V DC power supply, which is provided by external devices connected to SOLARIS. During the first 2-3 hours of operation the power consumption will be about 150W, and it is necessary to provide the external power supply with adequate power.


It is a completely self-sufficient system from the point of view of energy: through the integration of three different energy sources, EGGTECH®️ ET SOLARIS is able to absorb solar energy during the day – thus reducing the consumption of electricity from the grid to a minimum – simultaneously recharging the batteries which will then provide the necessary power during the night, remaining active even in the event of a blackout. EGGTECH®️ ET SOLARIS is the ideal choice not only for all those who want to hatch their eggs in an environmentally friendly and nature-friendly way, but also and especially for those who live in areas where the electricity supply during the day is not perfectly constant.


ET Solaris control unit

The incubator connected to the SOLARIS® control unit can operate with three different energy sources, which can be combined as needed:

  • Mains power supply
  • Solar energy
  • Car batteries

SOLARIS® must be positioned next to the incubator, at a temperature between +20°C and +25°C, and can operate in five modes:

  • Batteries
  • Batteries + solar panel
  • Mains power supply
  • Mains power supply + batteries
  • Solar panel + mains power + batteries

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Weight: 3,52 kg
Dimensions: 29 × 22,5 × 15,5 cm
Alimentazione centralina90-260 VAC
Frequenza di ingresso centralina47-63 Hz
Potenza di uscita centralina180 W
Grado di protezione centralinaIP2X
Potenza pannelli fotovoltaicimax. 360 W (tensione nominale 24V)
Barcode: 8052015473647Pieces per box: 1

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