Digital incubator “ET TOP 12” with egg turning unit OVOLVO and Wi-Fi connection

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Made in Italy

The incubator with Wi-Fi connection!

The “ET TOP 12” incubator is the novelty in the world of incubators. Its multiple functions can be set and controlled via Wi-Fi by the free River CovApp smartphone APP or by its own control panel.

ET TOP is equipped with 8 pre-set programmes designed by our experts to incubate the main poultry eggs, but it is possible to create personalised ones via our App. The manual mode allows experienced users to set all parameters to their liking.

River CovApp allows to keep track of all incubation processes also helping with valuable daily alerts. It can also archive all data related to incubations.

The incubator with Wi-Fi connection allows:
  • visualise the percentage of humidity inside the machine and, if equipped with Nebula, also manage it;
  • manage the degree of inclination, speed and frequency of daily oscillation of the eggs with Ovolvo;
  • visualise and choose pre-set programmes that, depending on the type of animal, allow optimal and automatic management of the machine.

The ET TOP incubator and its accessories (Ovolvo and Nebula) are fully remotely programmable via River CovApp.

The capacity is 12 medium/large eggs or 48 small eggs (e.g. quail).



  • Online: it is fully remote controllable via wi-fi and River CovApp;
  • Lighting: possibility to illuminate the inside of the incubator via CovApp or incubator controls. it facilitates checking the status of eggs and chicks through the inspection windows;
  • Day counting: the display shows the days of incubation for optimal management of all phases;
  • Turbine speed: possibility of adjusting the turbine speed to 5 different values for better hatching results;
  • Temperature: it can be set from 25˚C to 40˚C;
  • Alerts: ET TOP is equipped with visual and audible alarms that signal any malfunctions, allowing timely intervention. Alarms are also notified via River CovApp.

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Product suitable for: Chickens, Chicks, Guinea-hens, Pheasants, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Quails, Partridge, Peacocks, Exotic Birds, Pigeons
Barcode: 8052015475894Pieces per box: 1

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