Constant level galvanised tripod drinker type 30L

Category: Drinkers, Constant level drinkers
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Made in Italy

Galvanized tripod siphon drinker.
Hygienic and easy to fill, it is ideal for chickens, layers, turkeys and game. It is characterized by the robustness of the components that also gives greater stability to the drinker.

Easy to assemble: just insert the galvanized legs into the special housings in the siphon supporting plastic ring. Insert the tank into the same ring. The tank is complete with a screw cap with an ergonomic handle that guarantees an easy and comfortable grip. The poultry drink from the basin placed under the siphon which fills up automatically and is easy to clean when necessary.

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Product suitable for: Peacocks, Turkeys, Chickens, Geese, Pheasants, Guinea-hens, Hens
Weight: 2,946 kg
Actual capacityapprox. 22L
Barcode: 8052015470295Pieces per box: 1Pieces per pallet: Pallet 120x80x224cm: 36 pz.

Pallet 120x105x224cm: 51 pz.

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