Heating plate for chicks CALEO model 1400

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Made in Italy

Is your incubator filled with many little chicks that need to be kept warm? The CALEO heating plate for chicks is the solution!

Ideal for chicks up to 30 days old, the CALEO heating plate, also known as an artificial brooder, can provide the essential warmth typically offered by a broody hen during the delicate early stages of life.

Thanks to its patented heating technology and patented design, the artificial brooder for chicks “Caleo” generates a constant and evenly distributed heat across its entire surface.

In all the comparative tests conducted so far by River Systems, chicks from different broods have always preferred it over other traditional heating plates.

Available in two sizes (model 700 and model 1400), the CALEO heating plate for chicks benefits from innovative technology that makes it particularly efficient and extremely quick to reach the desired temperature. It is also safe as it never reaches temperatures that could be dangerous for the chicks. It should always be used indoors.

Caleo model 1400: Dimensions 305×430 mm, capacity for 40 (max 50) chicks

Artificial brooder for chicks, product details:

Product design: easy to clean thanks to the mirror-polished surface; Adjustable height: from 30 to 160 mm from the ground, determinable using the graduated scale on the four legs; Power supply included: the model 700 operates at 15 volts and 12 watts; the model 1400 operates at 24 volts and 30 watts; Cover: with a patented design, it is provided on request as an accessory. It is recommended to keep the plate clean and reduce energy consumption. Insulating panel: inserted into the structure of the artificial brooder; Heating plate: covered by a patent.

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