Nests to be installed outside the enclosure, with perch

Category: Nests, Nests to be installed outside the enclosure with perch
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Made in Italy

Nests to be installed outside the enclosure, with perch

The nests are available in various versions:

They can be hung on a wall or on an enclosure.

The egg collecting tray can be inside or outside the enclosure.



  • Access for animals: ergonomic perches for the hens;
  • Curtain: the curtain keeps the animal in the shade and in a quiet environment;
  • Ventilation holes: they facilitate air circulation inside the nest;
  • Egg collecting tray with lid: the tray lid serves also as a perch. The egg gently rolls away from the hen immediately after lying. The bottom grid improves ventilation. Removable base for easy cleaning of the nest. Special mats or other comfort-enhancing materials can be inserted.

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Product suitable for: Hens
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