ø40cm green plastic feed tray for one day-old chicks

Category: Feeders, Plates
SKU: 297-06


Made in Italy

The plastic tray with ø40cm is ideal for feeding day-old chicks. Made of durable, high-quality plastic, it is a cheaper alternative to the polystyrene tray.
The ribs at the bottom of the tray have been designed to strengthen the product. It is ideal for feeding about 100 chicks.

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Product suitable for: Peacocks, Geese, Ducks, Pheasants, Guinea-hens, Hens
Weight: 0,277 kg
Barcode: 8052015473562Pieces per box: 40Pieces per pallet: Pallet 120x80x124cm: 640 pz.

Pallet 120x108x124cm: 960 pz.

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