Egg turning unit OVOLVO for incubators ET 12, ET 24 ed ET 49

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Made in Italy

Egg turning unit OVOLVO enables the management of the number of daily tilt cycles of the eggs and their total degree of inclination. The maximum tilt is 35° to the right and 35° to the left, for a total of 70°.

  • Equipped with pre-set programmes: depending on the type of animal, manage the device independently.
  • Customisable programme: allows all parameters to be configured as desired and according to the user‘s needs.
  • Visualisation of the degree of inclination on the display.
  • Low voltage operation (15 Volt).

The egg turning unit OVOLVO can be retrofitted on any River Systems incubator or similar by those who demand more from their egg turning unit. It comes as standard on ET TOP incubators, whose Wi-Fi connection allows the user to manage and view settings via smart-phone (River CovApp) as well as from the incubator control panel and the turning unit itself.


  • Display: press buttons A and B to change parameters. The menu key allows you to select the programmes;
  • Power supply cable: cable with transformer and plug when sold separately. Double plug cable supplied with ET TOP;
  • Plastic joint: supports and guides the egg tray during swinging to ensure durability and better coupling with Ovolvo;
  • Temperature sensor: if OVOLVO is connected to ET TOP, the sensor detects the ambient temperature and indicates via River CovApp whether it is correct.

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Product suitable for: Exotic Birds, Doves, Peacocks, Grey partridge, Partridge, Bobwithes, Quails, Rock partridge, Turkeys, Turtle dove, Chickens, Geese, Ducks, Pheasants, Guinea-hens, Pigeons, Hens
Voltagelow voltage, 15 V
Tilting45° to the right and 45° to the left
Barcode: 8052015473807Pieces per box: 1

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