Plastic crate for game transportation with front door

Category: Poultry transport cages, Accessories
SKU: 1540-06


Made in Italy

The plastic crate for game transportation with front door is useful for moving animals from one place to another. It is supplied mantled and the basic model has only one front door. Another front door is available upon request. It is made of hard plastic material.

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Product suitable for: Partridge, Pheasants, Grey partridge, Bobwithes, Rock partridge
Weight: 10 kg
Dimensions: 60 × 80 × 19 cm
Front door dimensions16×34,5cm
Animals/crate10-15 birds
Barcode: 8068057261104Pieces per box: 1Pieces per pallet: On pallet 80x120x235 cm: 20 pcs.

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