Rotary wet plucking machine Cylindra

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Made in Italy

Cylindra is a sturdy, effective and easy to clean plucking machine. It has been designed to be used for various types of poultry (chickens, guinea fowls, geese, ducks, etc.), with the exception of small birds such as quails and the like. More animals (depending on their weight) up to a total of about 6kg can be plucked at the same time. After immersing the animal in hot water, which permits an easy plucking with no damage to the skin, put it into the plucking drum and close the lid. The revolving plate makes the animal rotate: the repeated contact with the rubber fingers allows fast and effective plucking. The feathers are evacuated from the inside of the Cylindra thanks to a water washing system.
It was built with attention to safety, reliability and user-friendliness and it’s CE certified by an accredited laboratory.


Slay the animal according to the current legislation and make sure that the cut on the throat is made with a blade as thin as possible: this procedure has the purpose of tearing only minimally the animal‘s skin and avoid further damages during the plucking. Keep the animal hanging upside-down until complete bleeding. To avoid hand burns while immersing the animal, always wear gloves.

Depending on the animal type to be plucked, follow the instructions below.
CHICKENS AND HENS: immerse them in water at 58 °/62 ° C for about 1.5min. in order to avoid scalding the animal‘s skin.
PALMIPEDS (eg. GEESE AND DUCKS): immerse the animal in water at 58 °/ 62 ° C for about 2.5-3 min. in order to avoid scalding the animal‘s skin. To make the plucking easier, we recommend lifting the animal‘s feathers with a small rake.

In both cases, check that the feathers can be removed easily and then put the animal into the machine. Switch the machine on and run it until complete plucking (about 30 seconds). Small feather residues are normal and will have to be removed by hand.

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Product suitable for: Chickens, Geese, Ducks, Guinea-hens, Hens, Poultry
Weight: 58 kg
Dimensions: 714 × 750 × 971 cm
Capacityabout 30 seconds to pluck up to 3/4 free-range chickens of 1.5kg at the same time
Framegalvanised steel
Claddingstainless steel
Voltage220V – 50Hz, single phase
Electric motor0.75kW
Power consumption4A
Barcode: 8052015473326Pieces per box: 1

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