Stackable and interlocking egg box – small

Category: Eggs transport boxes, Accessories
SKU: 1560


Made in Italy

Stackable and interlocking egg box that can hold 180 eggs. It is suitable for using it with trays of 30 eggs.
It can be used without the metal platform to load the eggs due to its side openings. This helps reduce loading/unloading times and avoids the purchase of additional complementary parts. Up to 6 trays of 30 eggs can be stacked.

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Product suitable for: Ducks, Pheasants, Guinea-hens, Pigeons, Chicks, Exotic Birds, Hens, Peacocks, Doves, Partridge, Grey partridge, Quails, Bobwithes, Turkeys, Rock partridge, Chickens, Turtle dove, Geese
Weight: 1,94 kg
Dimensions: 38 × 38 × 36,6 cm
Capacity180 eggs
Barcode: 8068057261135Pieces per box: 1Pieces per pallet: On pallet 80x120x235 cm: 70 pcs.

In container 20': 1280 pcs. stacked

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