Treadle feeder ALMA basica, capacity 16 L

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Made in Italy

The treadle feeder 16 L  for chickens and hens, 100% Made in Italy
ALMA basica is our new treadle feeder in galvanized sheet. Available in four capacities (11, 16, 19 and 30 liters), ALMA basica is designed to avoid any waste of feed: only when the animal gets on the treadle the tilting door opens giving access to the food; inside there is also a special anti-waste grid that prevents animals from throwing the feed on the ground.
Moreover, the closed conformation of ALMA basica ensures that the food is sheltered from the rain, as well as inaccessible to other birds, mice or vermin, thus avoiding the proliferation of dirt and dangerous diseases.
Furthermore, Alma basica has 12 weight adjustments for opening the tilting door: from 300g to 700g for items 7260 and 7270, and from 300g to 1100g for items 7220 and 7230. In the larger models (art. 7220 and 7230) two animals can eat at the same time.
ALMA basica is partially pre-assembled; the assembly of the supplied components does not require any tools.


  • Sloping roof: Designed to facilitate the downflow of water from its top and the outflow of condensation that may form inside;
  • Accessories in plastic material: hinges for the movement of the tilting door and lid are made of plastic material for a longer life;
  • Feet: plastic supporting feet avoid the direct contact of the metal sheet with the ground, thus preventing inevitable oxidations that compromise the life of the feeder;
  • Rounded anti-drip rim: prevents the bird from getting hurt while eating and the rain from wetting the food;
  • Anti-waste grid: made of plastic material, it prevents the birds from scooping out the feed;
  • Adjusting cable: it is used to set the weight needed to open the tilting door. Easy to assemble and adjust without the use of tools;
  • Treadle: designed to offer the bird a stable and comfortable support.

Warning! Do not use powder feeds in this feeder.

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Product suitable for: Chickens, Ducks, Pheasants, Guinea-hens, Hens
Weight: 3,53 kg
Dimensions: 20,7 × 22,4 × 59,7 cm
Feed in pellet11,5kg
Animals/feeder10 chickens
Barcode: 8052015473739Pieces per box: 1Pieces per pallet: Pallet 120x100x233 cm: 80 pz.

Pallet 120x80x233 cm: 60 pz.

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