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Come scegliere incubatrici per uova

How to choose the right egg incubator?

Egg incubation is a fascinating process that allows you to witness the miracle of birth, from the hatching of the chicks to their first steps. Whether it is amateur or professional poultry farming, finding high-quality fertile eggs is the essential first step.


New plastic tray feeders with ø40cm

The plastic trays for day-old chicks offering expands. Two new cheaper plastic versions are added to thepolystyrene model with ø40cm. ø40cm green plastic feed tray for one day-old chicks ø40cm…
We are ok and we are open

We’re ok and we’re open!

With reference to the situation created by the “Coronavirus/Covid-19”, we would like to inform you that all the activities of our company have continued and are continuing to take place as always