Prevention measures against Covid-19

Dear customers, dear business partners,

Once again we are here to reassure you about the Covid 19 situation. River Systems is still working with and for you, respecting all the regulations imposed by the Italian government and the World Health Organization.

In compliance with the prevention measures from the spread of the Covid-19 contagion imposed by government and regional bodies, River Systems guarantees full compliance with the protocols in relation to access control and distancing, both for employees, and for suppliers and visitors.

in addition to the compliance with all hygiene rules, the directives to access the company are:
  • Temperature below 37.5 ° C;
  • Hand disinfection,
  • Use of the mask to cover mouth and nose throughout the company perimeter;
  • Respect of social distancing (1.5 m as far as possible);
  • For visitors: phone booking of the meeting.

Thanks to our scrupulous attention, we guarantee the total safety of the goods you will receive, which will be immediately ready to be used.

We firmly believe in compliance with the rules and prevention measures against Covid-19, which have always allowed us to guarantee full operation. We are confident that everyone’s cooperation will soon lead us to a better result.

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