The Ministry of Economic Development has awarded NEBULA® the certificate of Patent for Industrial Invention. It is an achievement that fills us with pride, proving once again the continuous effort of improvement of our company, committed daily to ensuring reliable and quality products and services.

What is the NEBULA® ultrasonic humidifier?

NEBULA® is our ultrasonic humidifier capable of achieving a humidity control such as to reach and maintain constant the set value without producing large, long-lasting and undesirable fluctuations in temperature and humidity during the incubation process.

Designed and assembled entirely in Italy, NEBULA® is perfectly suited to River Systems’ ET EGGTECH® series incubators and all small and medium-sized incubators on the market.

It consists of a base, LED display, water tank, connection pipe and humidity sensor.

  • The base
    This is the beating heart of the humidity generation system: inside, an ultrasound generator supplies energy to the water, producing microscopic droplets that are then instantly vaporised by the heat inside the incubator, creating the right humidity, which is then homogenised by the incubator fan. It is equipped with a safety float to indicate lack of water, a centrifugal fan to channel the micro-drops from the base to the inside of the incubator and a mini USB port to connect the humidity sensor. Management of the entire NEBULA® system is provided by a microcontroller that manages three electronic boards, the humidity sensor and the display.
  • The custom LED display
    It has various icons and buttons to indicate the lack of water, the number of days of incubation and the correct or abnormal operation, and allows you to set various parameters including the percentage of relative humidity.
  • The tank
    Made of transparent material, it has a capacity of 2 litres and is equipped with an ergonomic opening for easy access for refilling. The closure cap is fitted with a valve to prevent water from escaping during filling. The tank contains the connection pipe that conveys the mist into the incubator.
  • The humidity sensor
    A high-precision sensor for monitoring the humidity inside the incubator.

Why is the NEBULA® ultrasonic humidifier so special?

During the incubation process it is very difficult for the generation and subsequent regulation of humidity to be precise and constant.

The simplest and best known system consists of manually adding water to special areas (or trays) in the incubator, thus creating mirrors of water which subsequently, thanks to temperature and ventilation, evaporate, increasing the humidity in the internal environment. In this way, however, there is a coarse regulation based exclusively on the size of the water mirrors: if the humidity drops, the water must be increased, but if it is too high there is no way to decrease it, until the absorption of the eggs causes a natural decrease.

Another system, slightly more advanced, consists in supplying water automatically and continuously through the use of a simple pump that, taking water from a tank, pours it inside the incubator, stopping when the humidity is equal or higher than the set value.

However, this system also has the limitation of manual control, both because of the notoriously slow evaporation process and the difficulty of reducing excessive humidity in a short time. In addition, there is always the risk that a quantity of water in excess of the containment capacity of the bottom may be poured in, submerging the eggs during hatching.

A third method is the use of a system used in domestic environments with an ultrasound generator of the ON/OFF type, whereby the humidity is regulated by alternating states of switching the generator on at maximum power with states of complete switch-off. This technique too, if applied to incubators – which have very limited air volumes compared to domestic environments – has many limitations: the introduction of air saturated with water into the incubators produces a rapid drop in temperature, even of the order of a few degrees, due to evaporation itself; the temperature regulation system tries to compensate for this by triggering a wide oscillation of the two quantities without solution of continuity: either high humidity and low temperature or low humidity and high temperature.

All these problems are successfully solved by the continuously variable NEBULA® system, which can regulate humidity from 30% to 90% and is not influenced by the surrounding environmental conditions. NEBULA® is the best ally to get the most out of your incubator: indispensable in all countries where weather conditions are particularly extreme, in case of unfavourable periods from a time point of view or even more simply if you are not sure of the humidity rate in your area and you choose to face the incubation process with peace of mind and safety.

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The advantages of NEBULA®:

  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Accurate measurements
  • It takes just a few minutes to reach the set humidity level
  • Achieves a stable and constant humidity level
  • Compatible with all brands of incubators
  • Avoids the risk of submerging the eggs in water
  • Keeps the bottom of incubators clean
  • No wear and tear on parts
  • The mist generated does not clog the pores of the egg shells
  • Provides clean, oxygen-rich air inside the incubator.